Car & Motorcycle Registration for the 2017 Collector Car & Classic Boat Show

Please fill out the form below to register your Car or Motorcycle. There is now a $10 registration fee that you can pay online following submission of your form or by mail. Once you submit your registration fee, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.

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In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, participants and spectators, by attending, release and discharge Oswego Heritage Council (OHC), the City of Lake Oswego, and their Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents, Representatives, and Servants, and anyone else connected with the management and presentation of the Oswego Heritage Council Car/Boat Show from claims from any and all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments, and/or claims, from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any participant to his/her person or property. Further, each participant expressly agrees to indemnify all the foregoing entities, firms, persons and bodies, of and from any and all liability occasioned or resulting from the conduct of participants taking part in the event.